Feeling like poo

So I’m on day 3 of a summer cold, the worst kind in my opinion.  Especially with the temperatures being what they have been the last couple of days (102 in Nashville).  I hate having a cold in the summer.  The heat just adds to the misery.  There’s so much I need to get done and I have no motivation to do it.  To top it off, Cadie is not in school yet so she’s home with me.  That’s fine, but then every kid on the block wants to come play with her and the playing never lasts long in 100 degree weather.  So the playing comes inside.  I usually don’t turn too many kids away so it quickly becomes daddy daycare in here.  Luckily, Tracy bought a $4 pool the other day so Cadie can cool off outside.  So I send the kids out there to play, which works for about 10 min.  Then, just about every 5 min. after that I’m breaking up arguments.  They usually have something to do with sharing.

I’m ready for summer to be over.  Seriously.  I’m a Fall/Winter kind of guy anyway.  So let’s get the Fall show on the road.  Please?  Anyone up there hear me……..helloooooooo….

6 Responses to “Feeling like poo”

  1. Tracy Says:

    You feel good to me!….uh….I mean….I hope you feel better soon baby!

  2. Jimmie Says:

    HAHA!! Man that’s bad news, I feel for ya:(

  3. Amanda Says:

    um, where did Tracy get a $4 pool? I may need to make an investment

  4. jtcosby Says:

    Love the blog! I’m working on Jesse right now, ha ha! I am with you on the Fall thing…but just want Fall and Spring, can you arrange that?

  5. Mutt Says:

    dude you so need to get better.

  6. BUSH Says:

    bring on the fall!!!!! cool weather, the leaves turning colors, and the sun setting sooner…man, perfect pipe smoking season.

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