Size Doesn’t matter….does it?

Well, I’m on the downhill slope of my cold. Good to been feeling human…almost. With all this heat in Nashville lately Tracy decided to bring home a little oasis for us and the grand price of $4.00. A wonderful little foot and a half deep pool. There’s a little picture here for ya.



 Anyway, it’s a great little way to take the edge off of the heat. I must say, laps around the pool make me sooooooo thirsty. 🙂

2 Responses to “Size Doesn’t matter….does it?”

  1. Says:

    hahahahah….SEE!!! THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD BLOG!!! because you, my friend, are FUNNNNY.
    (your knee caps make your chest…enormous.)

  2. Carolyn Martin Says:

    No kidding! Must be all that tennis you play.

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