Becoming a barbarian

I’ve read a few really good books this summer. The first two were by Erwin Mcmanus and the first of these I read was The Barbarian Way. What a great book on true Christianity and living as a true follower of Christ. I learned that following Christ doesn’t always mean you’re on the safest path. Being a true follower of Christ is not sanitized Christianity or watered down religion but a life of mysterious, dangerous and untamed faith. This book has truly inspired me to seek a closer walk with my Lord and shy away from country club Christianity.

The other book by Erwin is Stand Against the Wind. Although this book is an easy read and short, it is so thought provoking that I can’t just fly through it. I have to take each chapter in and chew on it for a while. It’s a great book on building your character and aligning your passions with those of God. This book if full of scripture and makes me look at passages in a whole new way. A real eye opener.

The last book I read this summer has been one of the most compelling. My lovely wife Tracy checked out of the library the book The Ragamuffin Gospel and I would like to thank her here publicly for doing that for me. Brennan Manning is an amazing author! What fantastic insights to the gospel of Christ I received from this book. I grew up in the faith after coming to know Christ through the fear of the alternative, hell. Looking back I think this crippled my walk in the sense that I only did what I thought I needed to do as a Christian to escape an afterlife in hell, whereas I should have sought after a life of love for the Father as well as a life of knowing His love for me. This book really drove home the notion that God loves me so much more than I could ever understand, even before I wanted or asked for it. Before I could come up with my speech to God on how I screwed up this time and how I promise never to do it again, (which is a promise we almost never keep) and how I’ll try to be good enough to deserve His acceptance, He’s already put his arms around me and is saying “I’m so glad you’re back, I love you so much”. None of us are good enough to deserve His love or acceptance, and none of us will ever be. It’s a simple concept that is so hard to grab hold of. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the scriptures through this book it is that.

So grab a copy of The Ragamuffin Gospel if you haven’t already (and a good dictionary, this guy throws some big words out there) and sink your teeth into some amazing truth!


Sorry it’s been so long between blogs. 😦

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