Becoming a “regular”

So, it’s been about 3 weeks and I’m STILL without internet. Hopefully we will be getting it this week. Anyway, I’ve been frequenting a nifty little coffee shop here in town called Saxbys. It’s got everything you could ever want in a coffee shop, good atmosphere, great coffee, and FREE INTERNET!! Unlike some coffee shops (I won’t name the “star” of coffee shops everywhere, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out) the kind folks here at Saxbys provide the internet here for nothing. I’ll continue to buy my coffee here as long as this simple, cheap and painless service is provided.

Anyway, I’ve decided to conduct an experiment to see how many times an individual needs to frequent an establishment in order to become a “regular”. By regular I mean, when you arrive at the front door you are greeted by name, maybe asked by the clerk if you would like your usual, and possibly are talked about (good or bad) when you’re not in the building.

There is a fellow here (he sort of resembles Tony Orlando) who I’ve seen just about every time I’ve been in here. Today as I was getting my 16 ounce filled with breakfast blend (you get free refills with drip, YESS) I discovered that this guy was being talked about even before he got here by the employees. I deduced this by the phrase uttered from behind the counter as he walked through the door, “speak of the devil, here he is.” and he was greeted by name. Now I’m not saying he was being talked about in a bad way, the people working here seem to like him well enough. Although he does seem like a quirky fellow, a bit older, set in his ways, and very opinionated. As he talks politics, property and religion with a lady behind me I wonder how many times he’s been here to receive first name recognition. He seems like a guy who comes here every day.

Now for me, I’m not gonna be here every day. But on occasion I will stroll in with laptop in tow and have some fine roasted goodness. So my quest is to figure out how long it will take my coming here to gain the title, “regular”. I figure I’ve been coming here for about 3 weeks, averaging about 3 times a week. That number goes up and down with my schedule so There’s nothing scientific about this. Just a little curious experiment on my part.

So as I sit in my usual spot (at a bar type setup facing out the front window), sipping on my usual drink (whatever med. roast they are serving at the time), and listening to Tony yak (that’s not his name, we’ll just call him that for now), and watch the cement trucks roll in and out about 100 yards away (that’s the site for the new Starbucks, I can almost hear your gasps now, and I agree. Can’t they give the little guys some room?!) I begin my experiment.

Stay tuned.

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