The great state of Massachusetts

All political views aside, I miss my home state of Massachusetts. Particularly western Mass where the mountains and forests and streams are more beautiful than you realize when you live there. But to go back after many years and catch the fall colors and feel the cool weather and enjoy the company of family who love you no matter where you’ve gone or how long you’ve been away, is a truly beautiful thing. It was good to enjoy the company of people well outside of my line of work. To get some wise counsel from some long time spiritual giants (thanks Bon!). Ahhhhhh, I feel refreshed but also sad that I couldn’t see so many people that I wanted to. One weekend is not enough!

Anyway, I plan on saving for another trip to stay longer and show my little girl more of the things daddy did while growing up. Cadie absolutely LOVED going hiking in the forests. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a forest where I could easily get lost if I didn’t pay attention to where I was. Here is my favorite picture I took, a beautiful girl in a beautiful setting.
little girl in the woods

2 Responses to “The great state of Massachusetts”

  1. gingerswann Says:

    awww man… there’s nothing like daddy/daughter time! some of my best memories growing up were with my daddy too!

    random fact: 2 people found my blog today by google searching “guy roberts, the bachelor.” ha ha!

  2. Ben Says:

    Jerry Gaskill! Whats shaking man? When are you going on tour with living colour? Yo groberts, just thought I would leave a message on your site so now we can become blog buddies.


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