Growing pains

When I was a kid, and my brothers and I would get hurt, (sprain an ankle, tumble down stairs, fall off a bike down a hill and knock a tooth out) my mom would patch us up, and when my dad saw that we were ok, he would try to lighten the moment and say “hey, you’ll be ok, it’s just growing pains.” That would usually make us laugh.

So the past few months my wife and I have been thinking about how we live our lives. What we do with our money, how we raise our daughter, how we spend our spare time, and the way we treat others. It’s funny how you get into a routine in your life. Years of believing things simply because that’s what you were told when you were young. For the past few years my wife and I have been slowly examining, questioning, and sometimes, changing the way we think about a lot of things in our life. We’ve been trying to change our lifestyle in the way we eat, the way we spend, and the way we worship.

First, the way we eat. We’re not getting any younger and eating like crap is catching up with us. I have very little will power against sweets but, so far, I think I’ve done pretty well getting rid of the soda’s. What makes eating better hard to do is that healthy food is freaking expensive and I can’t think of anything to buy that lines up with “healthy” when grocery day comes.

Second, the way we spend. Tracy and I are impulsive by nature but I think what kills us in this category is that each one of us wants the other to get what they want. So when she talks about something she would like, I base my decision to buy it on making her happy, not on if we can afford it or not. And she’s the same way with me, neither one wants to disappoint the other. I think we’ve come a long way with this one but, let me tell ya, Christmas has been a trial by fire.

Third, and most important, the way we worship. All this life change has trickled down to where we attend church. Let me preface this by saying there is nothing wrong with our church home. We have attended this church pretty much since we came to nashville 9 years ago, but our way of thinking has done some growing. The model our church has chosen to emulate recently has grown apart from the way we look at what a church should be. I’m not writing any of this to say we’re right and they are wrong. Actually, I’m not sure why I’m writing this. I think it’s just my way of getting out what’s been going on in my head for the past 6 months. My way of preparing to tell a man this week, whom I respect and love very much, that I feel it is in my family and I’s best interest to search for a new place to worship that lines up with what God is doing in our lives right now. This man is one of the most loving and caring men I know. He loves the people he pastors, and genuinely wants to see them grow in Christ. I believe this, and I hope he can see that I’m leading my family how God would have me.

My dad is not a believer yet. I think if he was tho, and I told him what I had to do this week he might say “it’s just growing pains Guy.” I’m glad I’m gonna hang with my dad this Christmas, he’s a pretty smart guy.

One Response to “Growing pains”

  1. aaron Says:

    dude, great thoughts man… hope the conversation is received well. peace.

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