Officially, yes, we’re pregnant

Well actually, Tracy is the pregnant one, I’m just along for the ride.  With our daughter Cadie, it was a rough time for Tracy and the morning sickness thing.  And as of last week, it’s game on for the morning sickness again, only worse this time.  We’ve already been to the emergency room for dehydration.  Seems like this stuff always hits just as I hit the road.  Sometimes I hate what I do.  Not really what I do, but that I have to leave home to do it.  I have a pretty decent schedule this spring however.  For the most part I’m home during the week and only out on Fri. and Sat.  There is a week we’ll be gone in Feb. tho.  I’m praying for great health for my girls as I’m gone.

One Response to “Officially, yes, we’re pregnant”

  1. Lori Says:

    CONGRATS!! SO happy for you both! Praying for good health and peace. Lori in Haiti

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