Water with no Lemon?

I just saw on the news that lemon in restaurants that goes in your water is bad for you.  Apparently 2/3 of the lemons at 21 different restaurants were found to have fecal matter on them.

(all together now….) GROOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

I’m trying to eat healthier on the road one step at a time and step one was to order water to drink at all times.  I order it with lemon because, frankly, most restaurant water tastes like dirt.  Now I can’t put lemon in my drink?!  Oh the humanity!

ok, just had to rant about this for a second, I’m over it.

Any food industries folks reading this, please wash your hands.    Thanks!


7 Responses to “Water with no Lemon?”

  1. Susan Roberts Says:

    You can get lemon in a packet near the packaged sugar

  2. Tamara Cosby Says:

    hey there…I was just thinking about this today while watching the same information and I remembered working in the restaurant business and not ONE restaurant I worked in washed their lemons before cutting them. My suggestion is to carry the little tiny portable “real lemon” packets you can get at like Bellaccinos (for tea)…I know they make them…

  3. aaronivey.com Says:

    yah, disgusting.

  4. groberts Says:

    Susan (mom, hehe): Not all restaurants have this, but I’ll be on the lookout for sure, thanks.

    Tamara: Thanks, I’ll check it out. But still, GROSS! makes me wonder what ELSE has fecal matter on it, ewwww.

  5. MOM Says:

    Thats why grace is soo important, and the lemon in the packet is what tamara said and is not in the restaurant. Near the packaged sugar in the grocery store. Love ya

  6. ginger Says:

    so… does water and lemons with fecal matter give people anus breath?

  7. Ben Says:

    I still drink the lemon in the water. But now everytime I drink it, I will think of what you said, and know that I am drinking watered down poop. Thanks for the reminder Guy! Whats up Brother?


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