I’m Lost

OK, all this talk about the show LOST got my curiosity going and I ventured over to ABC.com. To my delight I found that they let you watch full shows online, all the way back to season 1! Tracy and I decided to check out the pilot and just like that, we’re HOOKED!!

So we’ve been religiously watching every night at LEAST 2 episodes and we are up to season 3. Almost caught up! We should be up to date by April fools day. What a friggin’ brilliant show! I can’t wait to be all caught up and able to check out all the websites and theory’s.

I’m still gonna hang onto my regular shows: Life, The Office, and (my guilty pleasure) American Idol.

3 Responses to “I’m Lost”

  1. Tamara Cosby Says:

    SO every year we run a fireworks tent and at the beginning of the season, there are FEW if any customers..so for the past three years, we have picked a show to watch on dvd…last year, gilmore girls…this year, LOST! 🙂 Can’t wait because I soooo don’t get it yet!

  2. Guy Says:

    OH you will!! Start with season 1 definitely, it will get you HOOKED!!!!

  3. drewfrancis Says:

    It is a sickness.

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