Rainy Sun. in spring.

Man, I love this kind of spring day!  

I’m home with my girls, the rain is not a downpour but a soft drizzle, the leaves on the trees are brand new and light green in color.  There’s a soft greenish hue outside that’s gives me an unexplainably tranquil feeling.  After an incredibly informative service this morning at Journey, (I thought my head would explode from all the information! Thank God for podcasts.), sitting in the relative quiet of the house looking out at the backyard as I type this gives me feeling of renewal.  A feeling that I’m not a slave to my past and that the future holds great things that God wants to do in me and through me.  Also a feeling that I’m not just flying through life on my own.  As I quiet my thoughts and listen for that still small voice leading me, I have nothing to fear!  I’m in the loving arms of my Father!  I’ve learned and understood more of what a fathers love for his children is throughout these last 6 1/2 years that I’ve actually been one.  My heavenly father desires to use me for His glory and has amazing things in store for me and my family.  As we add one more to the Roberts 3 (making us the Roberts 4) I’m excited as to what this year will hold for us.

So as the rain comes down and feeds the new spring growth (and hopefully the grass seed I just laid down yesterday) and washes everything clean, I look forward to the future, to the next chapter of my story.

…but first, maybe a nap 🙂

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One Response to “Rainy Sun. in spring.”

  1. Susan Says:

    nice writing. I wanted a nap with the rain also.Love ya

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