I’m not the most avid outdoorsman by any means.  But I love to go fishing!  I don’t go very often.  The last time I went was last year around this time.  A couple weeks ago I got to go again with my buddy Stephen and, like last year, I had some amazing success!  Stephen is extremely knowledgeable in the art of fishing and I feel blessed just to have the chance to be out on the water with him, watching the master work.  Stephen is extremely selfless and has lot’s of gear, (as I have 1 cheap rod, and it’s not even in my possession), he let’s me use his gear and set’s me up with everything I might need.  He goes out many times by himself and does his research as to where the fish are biting and what they are biting on.  As I start on what he thinks will draw in the fish he’s working 3 or 4 different rods with different baits to see what is working.  Amazing guy!

So every time I’ve gone out with him I’ve caught at least 6 or 7 fish.  Last year I caught 13.  A couple weeks ago I caught about 10 to 12 and last week I caught 6 or so.  Stephen informs me that the spawn is over so it’s harder to catch fish right now but we have had a couple of great days.  Also, we have had some great conversation.  Which I really treasure even if we don’t catch anything.  Fishing is great for talking because there’s no where to go.  You’re out on the water, no one around to interrupt you, and the thought process tends to be easier.  Maybe it’s because of the beautiful surroundings or the quiet still of the early morning.  And I do mean early (5:00 AM, yea buddy!) 

Anyway, if you get the chance to go fishing with a good friend, don’t pass it up.  Even if they’re not biting, it’s good for the soul.  Here’s a couple of my catches last Tues.

First catch of the morning.decent little largemouth

And here are just two of the QUALITY fish my buddy Stephen snagged:

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4 Responses to “Fishing”

  1. BUSH Says:

    this is awesome!!! GUY DANCE…i can see the tv show as we speak.

    i love fishing. i haven’t done it in forever. you were knocking them down roberts. congrats

  2. Says:


  3. Says:

    LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha!!!!!! Just giving the love back.

  4. groberts Says:

    You’re just jealous Jimmie.

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