What I’m missing

Ok, I’m in the middle of week three of being away from my girls. I miss going sleeping in MY bed with my wife beside me. I miss putting my little Cadie to bed with a story, a prayer, and a big hug and kiss, then waking up to her cute curly bed head all up in my face whispering “daddy, are you awake?”. I miss watching TV next to my wife, even if nothings on. I miss talking to my Zoe through my wife’s belly button, and feeling her move around in there (she’ll be in my arms soon!). I miss coloring, jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes, and yes, even having tea parties with Cadie. I miss cooking dinner for my girls. I miss holding my wife and the smell of her shampoo when I kiss her on the head. This week could have been the best camp to date, and my drum playing and tone could have been so on this week and this still would have been, and is, the worst week of summer for me. Video chat is a wonderful thing for sure, but nothing beats the real thing.

Two more days sweeties and daddy’s coming home!

2 Responses to “What I’m missing”

  1. Tracy Roberts Says:

    We love you so much and are eagerly awaiting your arrival! The two days that you will be home are going to fly by, but at least we will have you for the moment. Sooo looking forward to it!


    P.S. Don’t come home expecting to rest, that’s what I’LL be doing. You have alot of playing to catch up on! 🙂

  2. J-HY Says:

    Did you actually post on your blog…..dude, I’m afraid.

    I am with you man, it is hard to beat a good day of dress up and tea parties….well, unless your fishing!

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