My Road Bike

Last year I bought a road bike.  I’ve wanted to get into cycling for a while. For one, it’s much better on the knees than running, and two, it’s more fun… to me anyway.  I had a mountain bike but there’s no trails that I know of close to my house where I can just jump on my bike and go.  Also, I think I would kill myself racing down a pot hole infested mountain.  So I didn’t ride it much.  I love the road bikes but those were so darn expensive, a decent one anyway.  

But, on a trip to Toys R Us last year to get our daughter a bike, (we found one for her for 25 bucks!) I saw an aluminum frame road bike that was marked down from $120 to $25!  OK, in my book, that’s a no brainer.  What a way to get into riding at the mere cost of $25!  It’s an aluminum frame, 21 speed racing bike made by Dekra, called a Karma.  I’ve googled this bike and cannot find it, ANYWHERE!  The only bikes I find by Dekra are the chainless cruisers.  I figure this is just a bike they have discontinued, hence the low low clearance price.  So I took it to the good people at Harpeth Bicycles in Franklin, TN to get checked out, seeing as Toys R Us pretty much just slap their bikes together.  The Harpeth folks rewrapped the handlebars and repositioned the brake levers.  They also trued up the wheels and adjusted the brakes and gears.  The bike felt much better.  Thanks Harpeth!!

I realize I need to be fitted on the bike but I’m doing that as good as I can myself by way of the internet.  Some of you people out there who are avid riders are probably saying I need to have this done by a pro, and you are probably right.  I think I may do that.  Any thoughts on that one out there?

I also realize that this bike does not have the greatest equipment on it but hey, what do you expect for $25 bucks right?  If anyone out there rides and knows what they are talking about I would like your thoughts on upgrading the shifters to the handbrake shifters and finding a wider aluminum drop handlebar/riser combo if I can find one to fit this bike.  Is it worth it or should I just save for a better bike?

If anyone rides, please make yourself known, 🙂 Thanks!!!

Here’s a sweet pic of my bike.


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9 Responses to “My Road Bike”

  1. J-HY Says:

    Dang! You got shocks, pegs… lucky! You ever take it off any sweet jumps?

  2. groberts Says:

    Seriously Jason, let Napoleon go man, hahah……..seriously.

  3. Chris Says:

    My wife suggested that I should reply to your questions, she recently came to see you, Spur58 at the lake of the ozarks with our two kids.

    For sizing infor Google bike fit, or here is one I’d recomend,
    You can ignore all the fram sizing info, look at the saddle height & neutral knee position, these are probably the most important.

    Upgrades, check,, ebay, your local shops might have a deal from time to time, or make me an offer on Shimano Sora shifters I have sitting around. I only used them two weeks and replaced them (personal preferance).


  4. Jonathan Says:

    I just picked up a used one of these from an auction site. Was no name but the price was right. Threw a new seat on it and redid the handbar tape and it rides okay. Are you still riding yours? Did you ever found more information about it? This is the first mention of it that I’ve found online.

  5. groberts Says:

    I am still riding mine, when I bought it last year (new) I had the brakes positioned right and the bars rewrapped. It’s a good starter ride but I haven’t found anything online about them at all. Must be a discontinued line. The only Dekra’s I see online are the cruisers that have a drive shaft instead of a chain.

  6. Lynn Says:

    I didn’t know you were a cyclist! I just bought a new Fuji for myself after taking a Key West bike tour with Diane last May. I used to ride avidly when I was younger…20 miles or more a day and a couple of centuries under my belt and realized how much I missed riding after the tour. I’ve decided to get back into it again and what better way than with a new bike! As far as your situation I would just ride the bike you bought as long as you can and save your money up for a new one. Much of the price of a bike depends on the component group and you might end up spending a few hundred dollars on upgrading. So when you save up the cash, get a nice entry level road bike from a bike store. Look for last year’s models, sometimes you can get a great deal.

    I visited Karen a couple of weeks ago and Cadie was there. She is so cute but growing up so fast. Call us some time, Kevin and I are in Delaware now but still have the same cell number. Take care!

  7. Brad Ruggles Says:

    Nice bike! Like you said, not bad for $25!

    I was fortunate enough to know the owner of our local bike shop back in Michigan who helped me build my bike. When we were done it took him about a half hour of tinkering to size the bike for me. It’s one of the nicest bikes I’ve been on. I’m glad I bought it when I did because I spent way more money than I probably should have and would NEVER have spent that much now.

    Too bad you’re not closer or I’d take a ride with you.

  8. john Says:

    I have been looking for this model everywhere! I can’t find anyone selling one or very much information about the bike. Anyone want to sell one or know of another shaft drive road bike?

  9. Mike Says:

    I just bought this bike off a friend for $40 and it was a great purchse. love this bike.

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