Saxbys closes in Spring Hill

My favorite local coffee shop in Spring Hill is closing today, and I’m not there to hold it’s coffee beans while the plug is pulled…it’s a sad, sad day.  Saxbys Coffee came to Spring Hill shortly after I moved there and now, due to the economic squeeze felt by most restaurants these days, the company is tightening it’s belt. Proudly, Saxbys held its own against the competitor Starbucks who placed a store not 100 yards from the Saxbys shop.  A black med. roast tear falls down my cheek as I write this. This was the only TN location for the franchise.  I have requested my wife buy me a couple bags of coffee beans tonight so that I may have my Saxbys just a little longer.  

Farewell sweet Saxbys (not to be confused with Zaxbys,  the chicken place.).  You will be sorely missed!

R.I.P. Saxby\'s

R.I.P. Saxbys.

4 Responses to “Saxbys closes in Spring Hill”

  1. gingerswann Says:

    saxby’s sounds great… and oooooooh how i miss zaxby’s! yummy yummy yummy.

  2. Tracy Roberts Says:

    So sorry baby! 😦

    At least you have 5 pounds of Saxby’s whole bean goodness waiting for you! 🙂

  3. groberts Says:


  4. John Says:

    We, also, loved our Saxby’s.
    We had no idea it was closing…. we rode by today and thought, how nice that they are closed for the holiday….. then we noticed the for sale sign. So sad. Our folks have a small bakery that has worked extremely hard since the 20’s to keep its doors open while all the competition has come to try to take over…. they’ve succeeded by keeping overhead as low as possible and prices low…… although the small business taxes are about killing my dad….. he pays 73 cents out on each dollar….. he’s a great example of a hard-working american. The american way is being pushed out by big business and high taxes….
    Thanks for your blog.

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