Tour de Ohio

This week we are in Cedarville, Ohio playing a Student Life Camp.  I brought Silver with me again and was happy to find a great paved bike trail that starts a mile from the hotel.  I was thinking it would have been awesome if we loaded Aaron’s bike in the trailer so someone could ride with me, but we didn’t.  Then on day one as we were driving to the venue, Bush and I see a 21 speed, old school road bike for sale on the side of the road.  25 BUCKS!!  So, to make a long story short, he bought it and we’ve been riding every morning before morning session for the last 3 days.  Been doing 11 miles, yes, even Bush!  He’s been killing it for a guy who hasn’t had any form of exercise for the last 2 years.  Plus, his bike has straight bars and that keeps him sitting upright.  Not good for aerodynamics, haha.

He’s also come up with a name for his cycling experience.  Big Beard Vintage Racing, BWAHAHAHAHAH.  I LOVE this name.  I can see him rocking down the road with a skater helmet, a pipe hanging out of his mouth and a milk crate on the back rack.  What a sight!  Go here to check his ride out.

More to come from my adventures in cycling, killing manboobs one mile at a time.

5 Responses to “Tour de Ohio”

  1. BUSH Says:

    yeah baby…panama city beach here we come. finally some flat ground 🙂

  2. Eric Says:

    I can relate to the last line of this post . . . but I apply it to my form of exercise . . . . “Killing manboobs 1 lap at time (swimming)”

  3. groberts Says:

    I’m already plotting a morning ride! It may be flat but it will be hotter than hell I’m expecting! 🙂

  4. Eric Guajardo Says:

    Dude, I just noticed the picture of Bush’s bike! Wow, freakin worst bike to ride for 11 miles!

  5. groberts Says:

    It’s a great bike to start on. He just put the drop bars on it so he has better positioning. Don’t dog the guys bike! haha

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