Doing laps around the “D”

I kept my little girl home with me yesterday rather than sending her off to summer camp.  We wanted some daddy/daughter hang time before my meeting yesterday afternoon.  I wanted to get a bike ride in yesterday morning but you can’t really do that with a 6 year old tagging along.  Nothing at the pace I keep anyway.

So I decided to do some laps.  We live on a loop that is about .20 of a mile around and I’m within eyeshot of the house at all times.  So I did laps around the “D” as Cadie calls it because basically, it’s shaped like a D with the main road being the straight part of the D and our loop making the curved part.  So I did 12 miles on the “D”.  That’s 60 laps.  Pretty boring as far as scenery but it got the job done.  Cadie leisurely rode around as I lapped her several times, then she got tired and went inside, then came back out and cheered me on for the last 5 laps.  She’s my biggest fan!  I felt like Lance Armstrong finishing the final stage of the Tour de France.  

Jimmie and Laura are staying with us a couple days and have graciously offered to watch cadie while I do a much bigger loop of 14 miles around Exit 53 on I 65.  I can’t wait to hit the tarmac and feel like I’m actually going somewhere, haha.

One Response to “Doing laps around the “D””

  1. Tracy Says:

    You’re such a great father! I love you soo much!

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