Back pedaling

You ever get that feeling when you’re driving down the highway as you begin a long trip that your vehicle just might not make it?  Maybe you’re on a business trip or your heading out on vacation.  I was kind of doing both last Wed.  We had just gotten the van loaded and ate lunch, then jumped into the ol’ MPV and headed south on I-65 to Panama City Beach, FL.  about 25 to 30 miles down the road I thought to myself, “self, I really hope this van makes it down there.  It’s mighty hot outside and this puppy is loaded up!”.

So just a min. or two after I thought this (and thereby cursing the trip) the AC didn’t feel quite as cool as it should.  “hmmm” I thought out loud, “That doesn’t feel right…”. “What doesn’t feel right?”, asked my wife.  “The air doesn’t seem as cool as it should be.”  “You’re absolutely right oh wonderful husband of mine.” she said, looking lovingly into my eyes.  I then noticed the check engine light come on as Tracy said “Look at the temperature gauge.” still looking lovingly at me. That puppy was reading HOT!  So I pulled over and we spend the rest of the day doing things like waiting on tow trucks, waiting on mechanics, driving back home, driving back down to pick up the van, driving back home again, unpacking, repacking, blah blah blah…

So my awesome brother took care of getting my van home and letting us borrow his car to get down to PC on Thurs. and we are here in time for load in and sound check.  So it all worked out but…

I had my bike loaded in the van along with my daughters bike, looking forward to getting some good riding time in on flat land.  Well, the bikes don’t fit in the car so I’m an entire 9 days without having time in the saddle, BUMMED 😦

So next week I got some serious catching up to do.  There is a slight chance my buddy Clay could be coming down and he may be able to load my bike up in his truck.  If that happens, I may just kiss him right on his mouth, seriously.  Or al least buy him a beer, haha.

One Response to “Back pedaling”

  1. Darren Tyler Says:

    As a fellow father the part that I have the most empathy for is the unpacking and repacking in the heat of summer. How very very sad.

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