Great pics on the beach, believe it or not!

While working at a beach camp for 9 days this month (fam was with me so it was awesome even tho I hate the beach.) my friend, and amazing photographer, Steven Bush blessed us by taking some pics of me and the girls. For a guy that hates the beach he got some pretty awesome shots of us. Here’s just a couple.


Ok, maybe that was more than a couple, but I just love them ALL!  Great job Bush!  Thanks!

3 Responses to “Great pics on the beach, believe it or not!”

  1. Susan Says:

    Bush has a talent but then look what he had to work with. How could he go wrong.

  2. BB Says:

    Hey Guy, Great Pictures! and thru the pictures I just discovered you are having another addition to the family. Congrats!

    Blessings to you all!

  3. Brad Ruggles Says:

    Bush is awesome. He’s one of those guys I really feel like I’d like if I ever meet him (hopefully one day soon).

    Nice pictures. You have a beautiful family.

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