Cycling update

I haven’t given an update to how the cycling is going lately so I’ll bring anyone who cares up to speed…

Since I’ve been off the road I’ve been riding almost every day, about 20 miles or so.  Here’s a map of my latest route I’ve been using;

West Harpeth loop
Find more Bike Rides in Spring Hill, Tennessee

I use for logging my training and for mapping my routes. I’ve also, back on the 19th of this month, taken the ASICS ride 300 miles in 30 days challenge. I must say I’m smoking it because to date I have over 203 miles logged. I’ve been trying to bump my ride time up to 2 hours of riding a day which translates to a bit above 30 miles a ride. At this rate I’ll have about 300 miles logged in 15 or so days!

I’ve also lost about 7 pounds so far so I’m pretty pumped about all that. Hope to make the mooters and gut a thing of the past.
The only thing that bugs me so far is after I’ve been riding a half hour or so my little toes and my pinky fingers (mostly the left side) get numb. On the longer rides I sometimes have to stop and get the blood flowing to the appendages once again. It’s really a pain in the butt because I want to keep my pace up and keep rolling. I think this is a fitting issue with the bike so I’m going to talk with someone at the bike shop about it. Don’t want to put money into this bike as I’m saving for a better one but this numbness deal has to stop.

Other than that, I love riding and can’t wait to start riding with a group. I’ve been slowly getting necessary equipment. I got some bike shorts (with the padding in the rear) a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you, THAT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Next on the upgrade list as I save the funds or as birthdays come around is a pair of shoes and the pedals to clip them onto. That’s gonna help with the hills. I also have a cheap helmet. I tried on a decent one the other day and wow, what a difference! Way better fit, no sliding around on the ol’ noggin.

So there it is so far. I’m actually looking forward to my next physical which I’d like to get once I get down to my target weight of 150 or so. I have high cholesterol and I’m thinking all this riding and my diet getting better is going to make a big difference in that, hopefully.

See ya on the road!

5 Responses to “Cycling update”

  1. BUSH Says:

    this is freaking awesome dude!!!

  2. Bilko Says:

    Hot toes? Try ITS Wedges or Cleat Wedges to help improve alignment in your pedaling….

  3. groberts Says:

    Bilko – Thanks for the heads up! I’ll check them out.

  4. J-HY Says:

    cool bro!

  5. Cynthia Says:

    The Tour of Missouri started today…….if you were interested.

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