More services, or more service?

Last Fri. and Sat. I not only got a chance to serve with my pastor and my friend Drew, but I also got some good hang time in. Two incredibly genuine people who’s hearts are all about serving others. I am truly blessed to have found this church. I have never set foot in a church quite like this one. Jamie is very transparent and the day to day dealings and things a church goes through are never hidden in the background here. I love how the churches story is lived out for everyone to see and be a part of. It’s a place where your needs are met through community and through all of us serving each other as well as the community around us. Not a church subculture, but a place where the importance of the Christian getting involved in the lives of the unchurched and serving them without shoving Jesus in their face is emphasized. Simply being Jesus, tangibly, to those around us. Genuinely loving people.

Journey has become a halfway house of sorts to those broken and hurt by religion. In the short time I’ve been there I’ve listened to the story’s of many people who came to Journey as people wounded by religion, or just by life, found healing through service to others, and have given birth to a new vision God has placed in their lives. For some this has even meant moving on to another town, or country to follow the purpose God has placed in their lives. What a wonderful thing for a church to celebrate as one of their own finds healing and moves on to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the needy!

Too many churches take it personally when someone leaves. But if they look closer, or for that matter even bother to ask, they may find out that God is doing a wonderful thing in that person’s life. The church should support and celebrate this! To me, it’s what a Church SHOULD look like. People finding healing and purpose, then going into the world and being Jesus to others. That’s the sign of a functional church, a functional FAMILY. If all we ever did was go to church on Sun. morning and take and take and take we’d be a church of consumers. Somehow I don’t see that as God’s vision for his bride.

Lately part of the conversation on sun. mornings has been what to do about our lack of space as we have been outgrowing the building we lease. There hasn’t been any peace with the idea of building a facility. Also, as the idea of multiple services has been tossed around, and for a while the thought has been that this is how we should handle the issue, it has not brought about any peace either. So what do you do at this point? After months of throwing these ideas around and praying about a solution, Pastor Jamie gets an email from someone at the church that says simply “more services, or more service?”

This sparks the idea of a rotation. Taking some of our villages (community groups) and sending them out on sun. to serve in the community. We rotate a certain number of villages each week so that everyone can be out serving the community once a month. There are a lot of logistics to work out as well as other things but man, what an AWESOME IDEA!! Instead of sitting in church taking notes on what we should be doing, people are out there every week DOING IT! I definitely think this is a step in the right direction and would even love to see if maybe it moves to serving 3 times a month and attend a service once a month. Lot’s to think about to make this work but it looks like we will start doing this in just a few weeks. I anticipate some amazing stories when this is in full swing. Exciting times ahead!


2 Responses to “More services, or more service?”

  1. J-HY Says:

    Wow….really great stuff.

  2. Laura Ingram Says:

    That is crazy, I have never heard of such a thing. What a great idea-I love the idea of the church being outside the church!

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