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Please help!

September 24, 2008

Here’s the deal –

My friend Bush and his wife Maris are down to the final couple days of their adoption and they are in need of help. They thought they would have all the money they needed by now but they don’t. Grants and adoption loan applications are out but they haven’t heard anything back yet. The deadline is this Thurs and Bush is selling prints of some of his incredible pictures to try to get the necessary funds to finish the adoption. If he can sell 140 prints at $35 a piece they will have all they need to make this adoption final.

Here is a link to his post with details.

If you can help, please head to that link and respond. Thanks so much for all your help!


Doing laps around the “D”

July 15, 2008

I kept my little girl home with me yesterday rather than sending her off to summer camp.  We wanted some daddy/daughter hang time before my meeting yesterday afternoon.  I wanted to get a bike ride in yesterday morning but you can’t really do that with a 6 year old tagging along.  Nothing at the pace I keep anyway.

So I decided to do some laps.  We live on a loop that is about .20 of a mile around and I’m within eyeshot of the house at all times.  So I did laps around the “D” as Cadie calls it because basically, it’s shaped like a D with the main road being the straight part of the D and our loop making the curved part.  So I did 12 miles on the “D”.  That’s 60 laps.  Pretty boring as far as scenery but it got the job done.  Cadie leisurely rode around as I lapped her several times, then she got tired and went inside, then came back out and cheered me on for the last 5 laps.  She’s my biggest fan!  I felt like Lance Armstrong finishing the final stage of the Tour de France.  

Jimmie and Laura are staying with us a couple days and have graciously offered to watch cadie while I do a much bigger loop of 14 miles around Exit 53 on I 65.  I can’t wait to hit the tarmac and feel like I’m actually going somewhere, haha.

This should keep me for awhile

July 1, 2008

My awesome wife, Tracy, stopped by the now deceased Saxbys coffee shop in Spring Hill and picked me up a 5 lb. bag of Kenya AA for my coffee pleasure yesterday.   AAAHHHHH thanks hon!

Here’s my stash being held by my little girl.

My Road Bike

June 29, 2008

Last year I bought a road bike.  I’ve wanted to get into cycling for a while. For one, it’s much better on the knees than running, and two, it’s more fun… to me anyway.  I had a mountain bike but there’s no trails that I know of close to my house where I can just jump on my bike and go.  Also, I think I would kill myself racing down a pot hole infested mountain.  So I didn’t ride it much.  I love the road bikes but those were so darn expensive, a decent one anyway.  

But, on a trip to Toys R Us last year to get our daughter a bike, (we found one for her for 25 bucks!) I saw an aluminum frame road bike that was marked down from $120 to $25!  OK, in my book, that’s a no brainer.  What a way to get into riding at the mere cost of $25!  It’s an aluminum frame, 21 speed racing bike made by Dekra, called a Karma.  I’ve googled this bike and cannot find it, ANYWHERE!  The only bikes I find by Dekra are the chainless cruisers.  I figure this is just a bike they have discontinued, hence the low low clearance price.  So I took it to the good people at Harpeth Bicycles in Franklin, TN to get checked out, seeing as Toys R Us pretty much just slap their bikes together.  The Harpeth folks rewrapped the handlebars and repositioned the brake levers.  They also trued up the wheels and adjusted the brakes and gears.  The bike felt much better.  Thanks Harpeth!!

I realize I need to be fitted on the bike but I’m doing that as good as I can myself by way of the internet.  Some of you people out there who are avid riders are probably saying I need to have this done by a pro, and you are probably right.  I think I may do that.  Any thoughts on that one out there?

I also realize that this bike does not have the greatest equipment on it but hey, what do you expect for $25 bucks right?  If anyone out there rides and knows what they are talking about I would like your thoughts on upgrading the shifters to the handbrake shifters and finding a wider aluminum drop handlebar/riser combo if I can find one to fit this bike.  Is it worth it or should I just save for a better bike?

If anyone rides, please make yourself known, 🙂 Thanks!!!

Here’s a sweet pic of my bike.

Lemonade Brigade!

June 24, 2008

So this is the first time I’ve really had time to post about my saturday with my little girl and her lemonade stand. When I’m home, especially for such a short time, I don’t want to be sitting in front of my computer. I want to spend my time with my girls. So when Cadie wakes me up at the crack of dawn, I’m up and we’re doin’ stuff! Then when bedtime rolls around, I crash.

Even though Tracy and some others have blogged about the lemonade stand, daddy wants to dote on his little girl here. Even though she is a typical 6 year old who get’s bored easily and is very shy at times, she did a great job with her Crayons sponsored lemonade stand on Saturday. Her cousin, and a couple friends (thanks guys!) sat in front of the Kroger with her in Spring Hill from 10 to 1 and made $155 for Real Hope For Haiti! As Tracy said in her blog, a dollar may not do much here but in a country like Haiti it can literally save a life! The Roberts family is so happy to support such a great ministry and will continue to find ways that we can help. We will try to come up with more ways that Cadie can help as well. Simple things like lemonade stands or car washes or selling some of her toys in a garage sale are easy ways for her to contribute to a serious need in the world and keep her aware of the world outside of the American borders.  

If a 6 year old can do this all you grown ups can do something!  No matter how big or small.

My daughter, Zoe

April 30, 2008

Zoe\'s first pictures

Rainy Sun. in spring.

April 27, 2008

Man, I love this kind of spring day!  

I’m home with my girls, the rain is not a downpour but a soft drizzle, the leaves on the trees are brand new and light green in color.  There’s a soft greenish hue outside that’s gives me an unexplainably tranquil feeling.  After an incredibly informative service this morning at Journey, (I thought my head would explode from all the information! Thank God for podcasts.), sitting in the relative quiet of the house looking out at the backyard as I type this gives me feeling of renewal.  A feeling that I’m not a slave to my past and that the future holds great things that God wants to do in me and through me.  Also a feeling that I’m not just flying through life on my own.  As I quiet my thoughts and listen for that still small voice leading me, I have nothing to fear!  I’m in the loving arms of my Father!  I’ve learned and understood more of what a fathers love for his children is throughout these last 6 1/2 years that I’ve actually been one.  My heavenly father desires to use me for His glory and has amazing things in store for me and my family.  As we add one more to the Roberts 3 (making us the Roberts 4) I’m excited as to what this year will hold for us.

So as the rain comes down and feeds the new spring growth (and hopefully the grass seed I just laid down yesterday) and washes everything clean, I look forward to the future, to the next chapter of my story.

…but first, maybe a nap 🙂