Cycling update

September 1, 2008

I haven’t given an update to how the cycling is going lately so I’ll bring anyone who cares up to speed…

Since I’ve been off the road I’ve been riding almost every day, about 20 miles or so.  Here’s a map of my latest route I’ve been using;

West Harpeth loop
Find more Bike Rides in Spring Hill, Tennessee

I use for logging my training and for mapping my routes. I’ve also, back on the 19th of this month, taken the ASICS ride 300 miles in 30 days challenge. I must say I’m smoking it because to date I have over 203 miles logged. I’ve been trying to bump my ride time up to 2 hours of riding a day which translates to a bit above 30 miles a ride. At this rate I’ll have about 300 miles logged in 15 or so days!

I’ve also lost about 7 pounds so far so I’m pretty pumped about all that. Hope to make the mooters and gut a thing of the past.
The only thing that bugs me so far is after I’ve been riding a half hour or so my little toes and my pinky fingers (mostly the left side) get numb. On the longer rides I sometimes have to stop and get the blood flowing to the appendages once again. It’s really a pain in the butt because I want to keep my pace up and keep rolling. I think this is a fitting issue with the bike so I’m going to talk with someone at the bike shop about it. Don’t want to put money into this bike as I’m saving for a better one but this numbness deal has to stop.

Other than that, I love riding and can’t wait to start riding with a group. I’ve been slowly getting necessary equipment. I got some bike shorts (with the padding in the rear) a couple of weeks ago and let me tell you, THAT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! Next on the upgrade list as I save the funds or as birthdays come around is a pair of shoes and the pedals to clip them onto. That’s gonna help with the hills. I also have a cheap helmet. I tried on a decent one the other day and wow, what a difference! Way better fit, no sliding around on the ol’ noggin.

So there it is so far. I’m actually looking forward to my next physical which I’d like to get once I get down to my target weight of 150 or so. I have high cholesterol and I’m thinking all this riding and my diet getting better is going to make a big difference in that, hopefully.

See ya on the road!


Sarcasm is the enemy of intimacy

September 1, 2008

Pastor Jamie said that this morning and it rang out to me like a bell.  I think sometimes I tend to be a bit sarcastic (ok maybe a lot) to the people I love.  I’m not trying to be mean, just a reaction I have, probably from my yankee roots, hehe.  But I know when the sarcasm is shot in my direction it does something to me, makes me feel low, and angry.  Although I try not to show it, I laugh it off.  It hurts, even when it was not meant to.  I think I should be more aware of how this affects the people it’s directed to.  There’s a separation that happens, a definite killing of intimacy between people when this exchange is made.  I don’t want something as stupid as a sarcastic remark for the sake of a laugh to tear apart the community that God has put me in with others.  I know I can’t change overnight, but God help me to be more conscious of my words.

Hanging with old friends

August 26, 2008

Man, it was good to see my buddy Brad Duncan on Sun. night.  I haven’t seen that ugly biker in a long time, and I sure have missed him.  He moved back to Oregon over a year ago and started a church doing some pretty amazing things in one of the most unchurched regions of our country.  His church, The Shift, has been doing some amazing things in it’s community in the short time that it has been around.  I love hearing about the people Brad encounters and how he shows the love of Jesus through simple acts of compassion, both one on one and through the ministries of The Shift.  Brad definitely attracts people who are rough around the edges, with his biker “good looks”.  Brad is truly being a light in a dark place and I had a great time down at Nashville’s Dan McGuinness Irish pub Sun. night hearing more about what God is doing in the Pacific North West through The Shift “…a kind of church for those who hate church”.  What a great slogan for a church.  They are doing what Jesus did, loving on the unlovable.

Here’s a bad pic of my buddy Brad and our mutual friend Kiwamu (or Josh to those who can’t pronounce it) at Dan McGuinness Irish Pub

Great pics on the beach, believe it or not!

July 29, 2008

While working at a beach camp for 9 days this month (fam was with me so it was awesome even tho I hate the beach.) my friend, and amazing photographer, Steven Bush blessed us by taking some pics of me and the girls. For a guy that hates the beach he got some pretty awesome shots of us. Here’s just a couple.


Ok, maybe that was more than a couple, but I just love them ALL!  Great job Bush!  Thanks!

Back pedaling

July 19, 2008

You ever get that feeling when you’re driving down the highway as you begin a long trip that your vehicle just might not make it?  Maybe you’re on a business trip or your heading out on vacation.  I was kind of doing both last Wed.  We had just gotten the van loaded and ate lunch, then jumped into the ol’ MPV and headed south on I-65 to Panama City Beach, FL.  about 25 to 30 miles down the road I thought to myself, “self, I really hope this van makes it down there.  It’s mighty hot outside and this puppy is loaded up!”.

So just a min. or two after I thought this (and thereby cursing the trip) the AC didn’t feel quite as cool as it should.  “hmmm” I thought out loud, “That doesn’t feel right…”. “What doesn’t feel right?”, asked my wife.  “The air doesn’t seem as cool as it should be.”  “You’re absolutely right oh wonderful husband of mine.” she said, looking lovingly into my eyes.  I then noticed the check engine light come on as Tracy said “Look at the temperature gauge.” still looking lovingly at me. That puppy was reading HOT!  So I pulled over and we spend the rest of the day doing things like waiting on tow trucks, waiting on mechanics, driving back home, driving back down to pick up the van, driving back home again, unpacking, repacking, blah blah blah…

So my awesome brother took care of getting my van home and letting us borrow his car to get down to PC on Thurs. and we are here in time for load in and sound check.  So it all worked out but…

I had my bike loaded in the van along with my daughters bike, looking forward to getting some good riding time in on flat land.  Well, the bikes don’t fit in the car so I’m an entire 9 days without having time in the saddle, BUMMED 😦

So next week I got some serious catching up to do.  There is a slight chance my buddy Clay could be coming down and he may be able to load my bike up in his truck.  If that happens, I may just kiss him right on his mouth, seriously.  Or al least buy him a beer, haha.

Doing laps around the “D”

July 15, 2008

I kept my little girl home with me yesterday rather than sending her off to summer camp.  We wanted some daddy/daughter hang time before my meeting yesterday afternoon.  I wanted to get a bike ride in yesterday morning but you can’t really do that with a 6 year old tagging along.  Nothing at the pace I keep anyway.

So I decided to do some laps.  We live on a loop that is about .20 of a mile around and I’m within eyeshot of the house at all times.  So I did laps around the “D” as Cadie calls it because basically, it’s shaped like a D with the main road being the straight part of the D and our loop making the curved part.  So I did 12 miles on the “D”.  That’s 60 laps.  Pretty boring as far as scenery but it got the job done.  Cadie leisurely rode around as I lapped her several times, then she got tired and went inside, then came back out and cheered me on for the last 5 laps.  She’s my biggest fan!  I felt like Lance Armstrong finishing the final stage of the Tour de France.  

Jimmie and Laura are staying with us a couple days and have graciously offered to watch cadie while I do a much bigger loop of 14 miles around Exit 53 on I 65.  I can’t wait to hit the tarmac and feel like I’m actually going somewhere, haha.

Tour de Ohio

July 10, 2008

This week we are in Cedarville, Ohio playing a Student Life Camp.  I brought Silver with me again and was happy to find a great paved bike trail that starts a mile from the hotel.  I was thinking it would have been awesome if we loaded Aaron’s bike in the trailer so someone could ride with me, but we didn’t.  Then on day one as we were driving to the venue, Bush and I see a 21 speed, old school road bike for sale on the side of the road.  25 BUCKS!!  So, to make a long story short, he bought it and we’ve been riding every morning before morning session for the last 3 days.  Been doing 11 miles, yes, even Bush!  He’s been killing it for a guy who hasn’t had any form of exercise for the last 2 years.  Plus, his bike has straight bars and that keeps him sitting upright.  Not good for aerodynamics, haha.

He’s also come up with a name for his cycling experience.  Big Beard Vintage Racing, BWAHAHAHAHAH.  I LOVE this name.  I can see him rocking down the road with a skater helmet, a pipe hanging out of his mouth and a milk crate on the back rack.  What a sight!  Go here to check his ride out.

More to come from my adventures in cycling, killing manboobs one mile at a time.

This should keep me for awhile

July 1, 2008

My awesome wife, Tracy, stopped by the now deceased Saxbys coffee shop in Spring Hill and picked me up a 5 lb. bag of Kenya AA for my coffee pleasure yesterday.   AAAHHHHH thanks hon!

Here’s my stash being held by my little girl.

Saxbys closes in Spring Hill

June 30, 2008

My favorite local coffee shop in Spring Hill is closing today, and I’m not there to hold it’s coffee beans while the plug is pulled…it’s a sad, sad day.  Saxbys Coffee came to Spring Hill shortly after I moved there and now, due to the economic squeeze felt by most restaurants these days, the company is tightening it’s belt. Proudly, Saxbys held its own against the competitor Starbucks who placed a store not 100 yards from the Saxbys shop.  A black med. roast tear falls down my cheek as I write this. This was the only TN location for the franchise.  I have requested my wife buy me a couple bags of coffee beans tonight so that I may have my Saxbys just a little longer.  

Farewell sweet Saxbys (not to be confused with Zaxbys,  the chicken place.).  You will be sorely missed!

R.I.P. Saxby\'s

R.I.P. Saxbys.

My Road Bike

June 29, 2008

Last year I bought a road bike.  I’ve wanted to get into cycling for a while. For one, it’s much better on the knees than running, and two, it’s more fun… to me anyway.  I had a mountain bike but there’s no trails that I know of close to my house where I can just jump on my bike and go.  Also, I think I would kill myself racing down a pot hole infested mountain.  So I didn’t ride it much.  I love the road bikes but those were so darn expensive, a decent one anyway.  

But, on a trip to Toys R Us last year to get our daughter a bike, (we found one for her for 25 bucks!) I saw an aluminum frame road bike that was marked down from $120 to $25!  OK, in my book, that’s a no brainer.  What a way to get into riding at the mere cost of $25!  It’s an aluminum frame, 21 speed racing bike made by Dekra, called a Karma.  I’ve googled this bike and cannot find it, ANYWHERE!  The only bikes I find by Dekra are the chainless cruisers.  I figure this is just a bike they have discontinued, hence the low low clearance price.  So I took it to the good people at Harpeth Bicycles in Franklin, TN to get checked out, seeing as Toys R Us pretty much just slap their bikes together.  The Harpeth folks rewrapped the handlebars and repositioned the brake levers.  They also trued up the wheels and adjusted the brakes and gears.  The bike felt much better.  Thanks Harpeth!!

I realize I need to be fitted on the bike but I’m doing that as good as I can myself by way of the internet.  Some of you people out there who are avid riders are probably saying I need to have this done by a pro, and you are probably right.  I think I may do that.  Any thoughts on that one out there?

I also realize that this bike does not have the greatest equipment on it but hey, what do you expect for $25 bucks right?  If anyone out there rides and knows what they are talking about I would like your thoughts on upgrading the shifters to the handbrake shifters and finding a wider aluminum drop handlebar/riser combo if I can find one to fit this bike.  Is it worth it or should I just save for a better bike?

If anyone rides, please make yourself known, 🙂 Thanks!!!

Here’s a sweet pic of my bike.