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Been a while.

February 28, 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Here’s a quick catch up on what’s been going on here.

So far, the start of 2009 has been quite a time of reflection. A time to try and figure out what God has in store for me and my family. Ever felt like God has put you on a shelf for a while? I’ve had lot’s of time for these thoughts to run through my head this year. In some ways it’s been a good thing though. I think I’ve been given an opportunity to strengthen my walk and love on my family. Cadie is growing up WAY too fast and is such a beautiful little girl, and Zoe is about the happiest baby I’ve ever seen! I love coming home every evening to her smiling face. And I absolutely love coming home to my wife every night. July of this year will mark 14 years of marriage and I love her even more now than ever, if that’s possible.

I’ve really enjoyed serving in my church, behind the kit in worship, and in the children’s department. Some amazing people doing some amazing things with the kids.

Speaking of playing drums, I’ve slowly been getting booked for more and more studio gigs. I’m really excited about the whole studio situation and working with different people. It really stretches me musically and my love for the drums and music in general has a renewed fire. I’m starting to feel creative again!

And last, but certainly not least, I’ve got my sights set on taking my love of cycling to the next level this year. As money is incredibly tight right now, and my cheap Dekra road bike is starting to wear out with just over 1500 miles on it, I’ve been checking out possible replacements. I’m wanting to do the “jack and back” this fall for MS, it’s 150 miles over two days, and I don’t think ol’ Silver will make it. I’m hoping to figure out a way to get my hands on something decent this year and hopefully, by the end of the season maybe do some amateur level races. Definitely some group rides this year though.

So that’s some of what’s been going on here. What’s new this year with you folks?


My Road Bike

June 29, 2008

Last year I bought a road bike.  I’ve wanted to get into cycling for a while. For one, it’s much better on the knees than running, and two, it’s more fun… to me anyway.  I had a mountain bike but there’s no trails that I know of close to my house where I can just jump on my bike and go.  Also, I think I would kill myself racing down a pot hole infested mountain.  So I didn’t ride it much.  I love the road bikes but those were so darn expensive, a decent one anyway.  

But, on a trip to Toys R Us last year to get our daughter a bike, (we found one for her for 25 bucks!) I saw an aluminum frame road bike that was marked down from $120 to $25!  OK, in my book, that’s a no brainer.  What a way to get into riding at the mere cost of $25!  It’s an aluminum frame, 21 speed racing bike made by Dekra, called a Karma.  I’ve googled this bike and cannot find it, ANYWHERE!  The only bikes I find by Dekra are the chainless cruisers.  I figure this is just a bike they have discontinued, hence the low low clearance price.  So I took it to the good people at Harpeth Bicycles in Franklin, TN to get checked out, seeing as Toys R Us pretty much just slap their bikes together.  The Harpeth folks rewrapped the handlebars and repositioned the brake levers.  They also trued up the wheels and adjusted the brakes and gears.  The bike felt much better.  Thanks Harpeth!!

I realize I need to be fitted on the bike but I’m doing that as good as I can myself by way of the internet.  Some of you people out there who are avid riders are probably saying I need to have this done by a pro, and you are probably right.  I think I may do that.  Any thoughts on that one out there?

I also realize that this bike does not have the greatest equipment on it but hey, what do you expect for $25 bucks right?  If anyone out there rides and knows what they are talking about I would like your thoughts on upgrading the shifters to the handbrake shifters and finding a wider aluminum drop handlebar/riser combo if I can find one to fit this bike.  Is it worth it or should I just save for a better bike?

If anyone rides, please make yourself known, 🙂 Thanks!!!

Here’s a sweet pic of my bike.